Urban Active® Support

I love your shakes; can I buy in bulk?

Unfortunately, we don’t sell in bulk, but our full Urban Active range is available in Morrisons stores nationwide.

Which flavours are available?

We have launched 3 delicious flavours, Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla. If you have any suggestions for future innovation, please get in touch and share your thoughts.

Are all your Urban Active shakes suitable for Vegetarians?

The Chocolate and the Vanilla flavours are both suitable for Vegetarians

How much protein will a 358ML bottle of Urban Active give me?

Each bottle will provide you with 20g of Protein.

Why is Protein important?

Protein is essential for growth and repair of the body and maintenance of good health.

What should our Protein intake be?

The amount of protein we need changes during a lifetime, the type of lifestyle we lead and our health.

The Dietary Reference Values for protein are based on estimates of need. For adults, an average requirement of 0.6g of protein per kilogram body weight per day is estimated. The Reference Nutrient Intake (RNI) is set at 0.75g of protein per kilogram body weight per day in adults. This equates to approximately 56g/day for men and 45g/day for women aged 19-50 years respectively. There is an extra requirement for growth in infants and children and for pregnant and breastfeeding women.